Angles required for a High-Density Development Site
City of Vancouver, BC
Looking for an angle to put a total of around $21, 600, 000 million into the project.
The minimum investment by any one party is 10% or 3.5 million. The annual returns are projected to be 21.5.% and are payable at the completion of the project. The funds are needed from they are needed in 3 stages.
Around 2.15 million in 6 months or at closing for the land. Finally the remaining funds at the start of construction.
Area: 1.25 Acre High-Density Development Site
Type: Stacked Townhouse/Apartment
TYPE - Stacked Residential Units (40 UPA)
The recently Approved Neighborhood Community Plan (NCP) by the city of Vancouver to include commercial developments, stacked residential units, and commercial sellers etc.
This property is designated for 40 units per acre stacked residential units or 40 apartments per acre + parking + commercial selling spaces or (1.3+0.2 FAR Bonus) Approx. 60,000 Sq. ft. can be built.
This property doesn't need to be consolidated if a comprehensive plan is submitted. There is a possibility to rezone the property to mixed-use live/work commercial underneath and residential above, which could increase the prospects even more.
The developer is looking to work with an equity partner.
Funds required is 5,000,000
For more detail or information regarding this investment call Daniella at 250 818