Selling this very cool, and very powerful amp and cabinet for a good price! Lightly used, and has been in storage for years. The gain channel needs new tubes, but still works fine. $500 or best offer for the head and cabinet. Footswitch included.
The Blue Voodoo Head is an all-tube amp (Class AB), which represents the top of the line for professional players who need the extra punch of a tube amp on stage. American made Blue Voodoo amps give you the power and tonal versatility that modern metal and rock demand.
The Blue Voodoo's powerful clean tones and versatile, from creamy to crunchy overdrive tones are driven by four 6L6/ power tubes and four 12AX7 preamp tubes. This is a potent head pushing 120 watts, ideal for driving full- and half-stack rigs.
Crate Blue Voodoo Features:
120 Class AB Tube Watts via Groove Tubes
4 6L6/ Power Tubes & 4 12AX7 Preamp Tubes
Two Channels
Dual Reverb
Line Out
Switchable Effects Loop
Incased in tough Blue Tolex
Celestion Vintage 30 Speakers